i'm glad you're here
i'm becca.
i play ts2 & ts3, berry & vanilla, stories & gameplay, silly & serious.

I caved :(

Alice Mackey Bookworm | Athletic | Hates the Outdoors | Social Butterfly | Rebellious
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easysimoleons replied to your photo
*waits eagerly to have a mackey in my game*

heeee.  some are already up here, I’ll try to at least get the quads up tonight. :3

omg okay so I play Clash of Clans on my phone, and I’m in a clan with my husband’s friend and a bunch of his younger cousins I guess?  But this one is alwayyys trying to get people to give him “Level 3 wizards or better”, which are EXPENSIVE and take 8 minutes to make and he never donates ANY troops to anyone.  So I’ve been trolling him every time he asks by giving him barbarians (the cheap kinda shitty troops) xD

watch he’s probably like 8 or something oops

What town do the mackey's reside in

answered a few days ago

i should put it in my faq i guess :D

Trying to get everyone’s Scout-related wishes filled ;-;

Iris is critiquing her form. xD

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