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hello, we’re just starting again with sims 2. where do you get your favourite CC from? Thanks in advance!

I’m still sort of figuring that all out, but here are some good places to start: poppet-sims, selenaq13, trappingcrushes, luasims, modthesims, gardenofshadows, sims2defaults, lilith-sims, probably some others I forgot

*cries at how beautiful this is*

You know I was all worried about installing too much TS2 CC but I’m up to 3GB and it loads to neighborhood in under a minute so.

Important TS2 things:

Clean Neighborhood Templates
Creating a Clean Custom Neighborhood
Pescado’s TS2 Mods  (uhh there’s a lot but there’s explanations in the .txt files of each download about what they do.  just start with a few that look useful.  nohumble, nowhatsthis, etc.  I remember macrotastic being awesome but I haven’t tried it again yet.)

OMG.  Story time.

So when TS2 came out I didn’t quite understand the implications of a ~Romance~ sim, I thought it was like the “Hopeless Romantic” trait in TS3 (which didn’t exist at the time but you get my point)

So I created my OTP from a story I was writing at the time and I made the guy a romance sim because he was a very romantic guy.


I was distraught.

everyone’s starting TS2 legacies and I’m just like NEIGHBORHOOD!!! ROTATION!!!!

people retexturing my mesh edits

(guess who feels really dumb for spending $15 on a hard copy last week)

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Source: Support.

woooo follower gift part 2.  90s Game of Thrones & fairy tale mug shots.

Preview: Mug shots  GoT: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Credits: Art by Marilen Adrover & Mike Wrobel.  Mesh by AroundTheSims3


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